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Thinking of Trying Locum Tenens? Recruiters Look for These 5 Qualities

In healthcare, building relationships is a key component of successfully providing care. And just like it is essential for providers to build relationships with their […]

January 31, 2018
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What Does Personalized Medicine Really Mean?

Precision treatment focuses on the genetic ‘fingerprint’ of cancer. If you have cancer, “it’s a match,” is major news when the genetic makeup of your […]

January 27, 2018
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Searching for the best jobs in the U.S.? Look to healthcare

Healthcare industry jobs—with their high pay and low unemployment rates—are among the best in the country, according to a new report that ranks careers. U.S. […]

November 29, 2017
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3 Reasons Why the Healthcare Industry is Adjusting Recruitment Techniques

A new focus on performance has hospitals around the US using recruitment applications to find the best-suited employees for different healthcare positions.

July 2, 2015
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The Good and The Bad: Payment Incentive Programs for Healthcare Professionals

What are the positive and negative effects of pay-for-performance incentives in the Healthcare Industry? Read the full story here.

June 3, 2015
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A Doctor Shortage in Geriatric Care

Future Care of US Senior Citizens Could be in Jeopardy “There’s no getting around the fact that the current shortage of primary care physicians runs […]

May 6, 2015
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4 Reasons Why Rural America is Good for Locum Tenens

Rural Areas are Full of Success for Locum Tenens There is a running assumption when it comes to dream jobs: work in a big city […]

March 17, 2015
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The 5 Benefits of Telemedicine

How Telemedicine Helps Physicians It’s become more easy by the day for physicians to reach clients, and provide care, from anywhere in the country—thanks to […]

January 30, 2015
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Improving Healthcare From Every Angle

We Need More than a Triple Aim to Healthcare Services Over the past few years, there has been a push to make the healthcare experience […]

January 19, 2015
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How to Avoid Temp Napping and Back Door Hires

Webinar Series: Recruitment Protocol In his webinar titled “How to Avoid Temp Napping and Back Door Hires,” Wilson Cole talks about every staffing firm’s and recruiter’s worst […]

January 7, 2015